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Hukamnama Katha (Wed, 26 Aug 2020)

26 . 08 . 2020



Hukamnama Katha (Wed, 26 Aug 2020)

11th Bhaadon (Samvat 552 Nanakshahi)


I am a sacrifice to my Guru. He has totally preserved my honor. I have obtained the fruits of my mind's desires. I meditate forever on my God. || 1 || O Saints, without Him, there is no other at all. He is God, the Cause of causes. || Pause || My God has given me His Blessing. He has made all creatures subject to me. Servant Nanak meditates on the Naam, the Name of the Lord, and all his sorrows depart. || 2 || 5 || 69 ||

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