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Hukamnama (Fri, 11 Jun 2021)

11 . 06 . 2021



Hukamnama (Fri, 11 Jun 2021)

29th Jayt'h (Samvat 553 Nanakshahi)



Come, my friend, so that I may behold the blessed Vision of Your Darshan. I stand in my doorway, watching for You; my mind is filled with such a great yearning. My mind is filled with such a great yearning; hear me, O God - I place my faith in You. Gazing upon the Blessed Vision of Your Darshan, I have become free of desire; the pains of birth and death are taken away. Your Light is in everyone; through it, You are known. Through love, You are easily met. O Nanak, I am a sacrifice to my Friend; He has come home to meet with those who are true. || 1 || When her Friend comes to her home, the bride is very pleased. She is fascinated with the True Word of the Lord's Shabad; gazing upon her Lord and Master, she is filled with joy. She is filled with virtuous joy, and is totally pleased, when she is ravished and enjoyed by her Lord, and imbued with His Love. Her faults and demerits are eradicated, and she roofs her home with virtue, through the Perfect Lord, the Architect of Destiny. Conquering the thieves, she dwells as the mistress of her home, and administers justice wisely. O Nanak, through the Lord's Name, she is emancipated; through the Guru's Teachings, she meets her Beloved. || 2 || The young bride has found her Husband Lord; her hopes and desires are fulfilled. She enjoys and ravishes her Husband Lord, and blends into the Word of the Shabad, pervading and permeating everywhere; the Lord is not far away. God is not far away; He is in each and every heart. All are His brides. He Himself is the Enjoyer, He Himself ravishes and enjoys; this is His glorious greatness. He is imperishable, immovable, invaluable and infinite. The True Lord is obtained through the Perfect Guru. O Nanak, He Himself unites in Union; by His Glance of Grace, He lovingly attunes them to Himself. || 3 || My Husband Lord dwells in the loftiest balcony; He is the Supreme Lord of the three worlds. I am amazed, gazing upon His glorious excellence; the unstruck sound current of the Shabad vibrates and resonates. I contemplate the Shabad, and perform sublime deeds; I am blessed with the insignia, the banner of the Lord's Name. Without the Naam, the Name of the Lord, the false find no place of rest; only the jewel of the Naam brings acceptance and renown. Perfect is my honor, perfect is my intellect and password. I shall not have to come or go. O Nanak, the Gurmukh understands her own self; she becomes like her Imperishable Lord God. || 4 || 1 || 3 ||

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