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Hukamnama (Sun, 11 Jul 2021)

11 . 07 . 2021



Hukamnama (Sun, 11 Jul 2021)

27th Assaar (Samvat 553 Nanakshahi)


Power is fraudulent, beauty is fraudulent, and wealth is fraudulent, as is pride of ancestry. One may gather poison through deception and fraud, O Nanak, but without the Lord, nothing shall go along with him in the end. || 1 || Beholding the bitter melon, he is deceived, since it appears so pretty. But it is not worth even a shell, O Nanak; the riches of Maya will not go along with anyone. || 2 || PAUREE: It shall not go along with you when you depart - why do you bother to collect it? Tell me, why do you try so hard to acquire that which you must leave behind in the end? Forgetting the Lord, how can you be satisfied? Your mind cannot be pleased. One who forsakes God, and attaches himself to another, shall be immersed in hell. Be kind and compassionate to Nanak, O Lord, and dispel his fear. || 10 ||

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