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Hukamnama (Sun, 15 Aug 2021)

15 . 08 . 2021



Hukamnama (Sun, 15 Aug 2021)

31st Saawan (Samvat 553 Nanakshahi)


Forgetting the Lord, one is ruined forever. How can anyone be deceived, who has Your Support, O Lord? || Pause || Without meditating in remembrance on the Lord, life is like a burning fire, even if one lives long, like a snake. One may rule over the nine regions of the earth, but in the end, he shall have to depart, losing the game of life. || 1 || He alone sings the Glorious Praises of the Lord, the treasure of virtue, upon whom the Lord showers His Grace. He is at peace, and his birth is blessed; Nanak is a sacrifice to him. || 2 || 2 ||

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