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Hukamnama (Wed, 1 Sep 2021)

01 . 09 . 2021



Hukamnama (Wed, 1 Sep 2021)

17th Bhaadon (Samvat 553 Nanakshahi)


Body, mind, wealth and everything belong to Him; He alone is all-wise and all-knowing. He listens to my pains and pleasures, and then my condition improves. || 1 || My soul is satisfied with the One Lord alone. People make all sorts of other efforts, but they have no value at all. || Pause || The Ambrosial Naam, the Name of the Lord, is a priceless jewel. The Guru has given me this advice. It cannot be lost, and it cannot be shaken off; it remains steady, and I am perfectly satisfied with it. || 2 || Those things which tore me away from You, Lord, are now gone. When golden ornaments are melted down into a lump, they are still said to be gold. || 3 || The Divine Light has illuminated me, and I am filled with celestial peace and glory; the unstruck melody of the Lord's Bani resounds within me. Says Nanak, I have built my eternal home; the Guru has constructed it for me. || 4 || 5 ||

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