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Hukamnama Katha (Mon, 14 Dec 2020)

14 . 12 . 2020



Hukamnama Katha (Mon, 14 Dec 2020)

30th Maghar (Samvat 552 Nanakshahi)


What scale, what weights, and what assayer shall I call for You, Lord? From what guru should I receive instruction? By whom should I have Your value appraised? || 1 || O my Dear Beloved Lord, Your limits are not known. You pervade the water, the land, and the sky; You Yourself are All-pervading. || 1 || Pause || Mind is the scale, consciousness the weights, and the performance of Your service is the appraiser. Deep within my heart, I weigh my Husband Lord; in this way I focus my consciousness. || 2 || You Yourself are the balance, the weights and the scale; You Yourself are the weigher. You Yourself see, and You Yourself understand; You Yourself are the trader. || 3 || The blind, low class wandering soul, comes for a moment, and departs in an instant. In its company, Nanak dwells; how can the fool attain the Lord? || 4 || 2 || 9||

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